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pilar mur

Good vibes through my original, Magical handmade creations

My name is Pilar Mur, I'm from Barcelona (Spain). I am the only artist of this website: design, production of ALL these creations.
I don't have a physical store, almost all my handicrafts are made to order. I ship all over the world. Furthermore, I work on pieces upon request, and some are available for immediate shipment. 

So far, I have been able to creatively capture everything that has been suggested to me.

Brief personal history: in my childhood, I stood out for my sensitivity in general, and artistic in particular. I was an early creative child. My mother taught me to be organized and tenacious, my father added his love for Nature and a certain restless spirit. 
During my childhood I spent my summer holidays in my father's land: the Aragonese Pyrenees (Sobrarbe region of Huesca - Spain-) with nothing to do but read, write, draw or make forays into those mountains and villages. 
The rest of the year, many holidays were spent walking in the mountains near the neighborhood, at the foot of the Collserola mountain in Barcelona. Neighborhood located on the opposite side of the sea where the perimeter of this great city ends in mountain.

ALL Creations on this website are created and produced by me. 

I grew up in contact with nature to a greater or lesser extent. Nowadays, I live with my husband and daughter in the same neighborhood where I grew up, in front of the mountain. While I work on some of my creations, looking out the window, I can contemplate the mountain where I find my inspiration and take a walk. 

My creative mood was very good for me to relate to Nature:

To feel its energy and beauty, to appreciate the simplicity, the silence, patience… 
My professional career has been for more than 20 years as a Graphic Designer. With time and “causalities” of life, I ended up dedicating myself to this artistic and magical facet.
My work as a craftswoman is not based on a single creative line: figures, costume jewelry and pieces that can be felt with the hands and heart… With inspiration in Nature, looking for a magical, unique and special result. 
The handicrafts with crystals are chosen in small batches or individually. I have made all kinds of commissions and customizations modified from creations on my website at the request of the client. I like to continually look for new ideas and techniques. Furthermore, I am pleased that clients from all over the world trust me and leave their dreams in my hands…

What inspires me?

I have an affinity for Celtic roots and music. Native American philosophy, Pagan beliefs of ancient ancestors. Cultures where humanity lived in harmony and according to the seasonal cycles of the year and respect for Nature. They developed Wisdom and spirituality. 
I am also inspired by artistic currents such as Modernism or Pre-Raphaelism, the most outstanding.
My pieces are MORE than an artistic object:
creations full of Symbolism and Energy with their own LIFE and positive intention
that vibrate the best experiences in the people who receive them. I have also been trained in some energetic techniques to understand the subtle and energetic world.

My creations are the result of my personal evolution, experiences, and family roots

over the years. All this has been reflected in my way of expressing my creativity, with the intention of transmitting serenity, balance, joy, inspiration and good vibrations.

Handfantasy as my personal brand, has reached almost ALL over the world: Spain, France, United Kingdom, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Canada, United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Puerto Rico… and I hope to continue traveling for a while more… Harmony and energy for people all over the world.

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My contact with Nature brought together spirituality and creativity, inspired by the Energy, Beauty and Magic of Nature. My intention is to spread joy, inspiration, serenity and above all good vibes through exclusive and original creations.

My creations are a tribute to my parents who allowed me to experience my creativity, and especially to my father,

who brought the mountains into my life.


These are my roots, it belongs to the Ordesa Valley (Aragonese Pyrenees -Spain-).

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